My experience with Creativate Brunei

Seeing that Creativate Brunei has ignored my numerous correspondences, I am sharing my experience with its staff member there publicly.

I think it’s my duty as a responsible human being to inform everyone that Nazurah Salleh, a staff member working at Creativate Brunei, isn’t the kind of person that should be taking care of kids. I don’t want her near any children. I also think that it’s problematic that Creativate Brunei hasn’t assured me of how they keep children safe when I contacted them with my concern.

Here is my experience with her and the reasons why I don’t think she should be in a child care industry (summarized version at the end of this blog post seeing how long and crazy my experience with her was):

Nazurah used to come to my house a lot back in Australia because she was friends with my housemate Lina. Lina was a friend of a friend. One day, Lina suffered from a mental breakdown (we later learned that it was partially induced by drugs; I just knew her as an acquaintance and did not know her before moving in with her) and was acting erratically. It was pretty clear she was having a mental breakdown due to her erratic behavior and statements, including smearing the wall with oatmeal.  I wasn’t Lina’s friend but I suggested taking her to the hospital. Nazurah refused to do so and persuaded me not to. The next morning, Lina was still acting erratically and Nazurah still insisted on not taking her to the hospital. I had to go to work so asked Nazurah to stay behind.

At the time, our neighbor’s child used to come to my house a lot (she was 3 or 5 at the time, I believe. We’ll call her “Anne” for her privacy). I had to leave to go to work and Nazurah wanted to leave the house, leaving Lina by herself. As I was leaving, Anne came to our house to play. Nazurah said she can play with Lina and let the child in. She was about to leave Lina, who was clearly having a mental breakdown, with a 3 yr old child, alone and unsupervised. I asked Nazurah what she was doing and she said, “Anne will calm Lina down”. She was treating someone else’s child like a dog.

I immediately went back to the house and to my horror, Lina was flinging a three year old in the air. The girl was crying and Lina wasn’t letting her go. We immediately intervened.

I didn’t let Anne in my house. Nazurah wasn’t living with us and she let Anne come into our house to “calm Lina down”, instead of taking Lina to the hospital. Lina was indeed taken to the hospital after that.

Nazurah later said that “all the crazy things you (me) said came true. Like not leaving a child in the house alone with Lina”. Apparently, taking someone to a hospital for having signs of a mental breakdown is “crazy” to her.

Lina went to the hospital and came out. I took care of her during this time. After she recovered and she no longer needed my help, she accused me of threatening to kill her… with a candle. I should inform you that a few months ago, Lina accused another housemate of attempted sexual assault against her at a different house.  Nazurah knew about this. Lina also ended up stealing money/things from me and other housemates. Furthermore, while my housemates and I were away, she told some random stranger that he could move into the house without telling us, the actual occupants. I’m assuming she wanted to steal his bond money.

I thought Nazurah learned from her mistake but she defended her friend saying that “Lina was sick” and that “You guys just didn’t get along”. She tried to make it sound as if I was fighting with Lina when I was nothing but super nice to her. Lina went to the real estate agents and told them that I wanted to kill her with candles. Needless to say, the real estate agents didn’t believe her at all but what I find it problematic here is how Nazuarh doesn’t see this behavior (lying about something as serious as murder threats for attention) to be problematic.

I have nothing to hide and records will easily corroborate what I’ve said. I used to work for a courthouse and my records got check all the time to show that I had no criminal records. My former neighbor can attest what Nazurah had done because she never forgave Nazurah for putting her child’s life in danger. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the kind of guy that would stop a child from being abused. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me. The fact that this blog is still online without me being threatened with slander is evvidence that Nazurah knows what I’m saying is completely accurate.

I did confront Nazurah later on. She never believed in Lina’s allegation against me but she said that “you guys just had a personality clash”. Apparently, she thinks stealing money from people and making false allegations  is just part of people not getting along. Both Nazurah and Lina had ample time to apologize to me but they never did, indicating that they haven’t changed at all.  A person who thinks false murder threat or rape allegation to get attention is nothing serious shows clear lack of judgment and should not be put in such a responsible position as looking after other people’s children. I am sure Nazurah never wondered the emotional damage she caused to Anne. She could have easily told her friend what she was doing was wrong but Nazurah simply didn’t. I got things stolen from me, had a random stranger move into my house, and endure some harrowing experience because I stopped a girl from killing a child, when Nazurah, who works with children now, simply didn’t care. I think the way I was treated was extremely unfair when I did nothing but help Nazurah’s friend who needed my help, because Nazurah kept making awful decisions such as denying medical treatment to a person who clearly needed it. 

Even though it was a harrowing experience being accused of something I didn’t do after I helped a person, I think it was worth it given that I ended up saving a child’s life.

Given these incidents, my friends and I contacted Creativate Brunei several times because we were worried about the children’s safety. Instead of assuring us of the safety measures they have in place, they simply ignored our requests; as if having a child put in serious danger in your house due to negligence is no big deal. I hope none of the members from Creativate Brunei will go through the harrowing experience I did because of Nazurah and her friend. 

Summarized version: Nazurah left a 5-yr old child alone with a person that was clearly mentally unstable and was having a nervous breakdown (Lina) to “calm Lina down”. She left them alone but I knew that was a wrong thing to do. When I went back to intervene, Lina was flinging the child in the air, making the child cry. Lina later got taken to the hospital against her will. Nazurah never took responsibility for what she had done and continued to do many things that I thought were irresponsible and shocking. This includes the time when Lina accused a guy of sexually attacking her which I don’t believe at all considering how she never went to the police, the amount of times she lied, and how she later stole things from us. Nazurah never once wondered what it was like for the guy that was being accused or talked to her friend about how wrong her actions were. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself and makes horrible decisions. Dealing with Nazurah and having almost a child killed in my presence was one of the worst experiences in my life and I am sharing this experience to spare people from going through the same things I did.


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