My experience with Creativate Brunei

If Creativate Brunei wants to help in the social development of children and protect their interest, they should be careful with the staffs they employ to take care of the kids.

I had an encounter with one of Creativate Brunei staff named “Nazurah Salleh” through her friend, who happened to be my housemate at the time. During my encounter with her, I noticed that she is the type of person who is not only unqualified to handle children, but also disregards sensitive issues that have to do with kids.

Parents and employers should do a good background check on whom is taking care of the kids during school hour. In one of Nazurah visits to our house, she intentionally left a 5 year old child alone with a mentally unstable person; a girl named Lina was having a mental breakdown and she obviously needed medical treatment. However, Nazurah insisted Lina didn’t need it because Nazurah was afraid of the medical bills. Lina then almost caused serious damage to this 5 year old; she was my neighor’s child who visited our house all the time. Nazurah wanted to leave the 5 yr old alone with Lina, who was clearly having a nervous breakdown, to “calm her (the mentally unstable person) down”. After the whole issue settled down and I rescued the 5 year old, I confronted Nazurah about the incident, but she never took responsibility for what she had done.

Dealing with Nazurah and having almost a child killed in my presence was one of the worst experiences in my life and I am warning parents and school to cross check their staff before the cause harm to the kids, just like what Nazurah did with the 5 year old. My friends and I took the fact that she now works in childcare very seriously and contacted Creativate Brunei several times. We were simply ignored, Creativate Brunei didn’t even offer a word of sympathy, and Nazurah still hasn’t apologized that she almost got a kid killed, if not seriously hurt, in my house due to her negligence.


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